3 Cheers for Salad Days!

If I could see one play every evening for the next 12 months, it would be this one. Enjoy one of the most enjoyable shows ever written. Wonderful, simple and touching. 

* * * * Broadway World

​It's happy, chirpy, innocent fun with great music and dancing, the audience at the Theatre Royal loved it.

Bath Chronicle

A production full of the “feel good factor” and right now this is a perfect antidote to the outside world

* * * * Theatre Bath

Go and see Salad Days for a touch of ol’ fashioned musical theatre glamour and joy. 

* * * * * Pocket Size Theatre

It may be one of British musical theatre’s weirdest, most eccentric shows, but Salad Days is also one of its sunniest. And this production captures that brightness to thrilling effect.

* * * * MusicalTheatreReview

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